Thursday, March 26, 2009

First Natural Bald Eagle Hatch at Two Harbors,
Catalina Island, CA.
This video is the first unassisted bald eagle to hatch at the Two Harbors Nest on Catalina Island, CA. The Institute for Wildlife Studies (IWS) has previously helped this eagle pair hatch their young by switching their eggs for fake eggs, incubating them at their facility on Catalina Island and then returning the hatched eaglets back to the nest. This year, IWS decided not to switch any eggs in any of the nests on Catalina Island. Look for the tiny grey head at 50 seconds into the video. The first eaglet hatched this morning, March 26th, 2009. K81 (the male) is tending to the chick and remaining unhatched egg.

This second video shows the arrival of the female, K82 at the nest with a freshly caught fish for the new hatchling. Watch as the male K81 leaves and the female has to figure out how to brood an eaglet and an egg, something she has never done before.

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