Saturday, October 23, 2010

NCTC Open House
This is IT!!
I feel so fortunate to have won this lovely wood bald eagle...handmade from 92 pieces of wood by Lolly's husband Jack....the wings and body are made of Walnut, the tail and head of soft Maple and Red Oak for the beak and feet. Jack didn't stain any of the wood, it is all naturally colored. The small picture doesn't do it justice, click on it to see it is absolutely gorgeous. Thank you so much Jack Ellis for making this for our raffle! And thanks to Lolly and Jack for a 'well traveled' eagle :)


Lolly said...

Great picture, Paula. We could not be more please that you won it.

NatureNut said...

You certainly deserve it for all you do! ☺

magpie said...

Absolutely agree, Paula...
Yours is the perfect roost for this treasure, and you are the perfect one to have won it!
Such a lovely work of art, kudos to Jack, and to Lolly and Jack for their careful transport through many states to West Virginia

Mema Jo said...

And this is "IT" Fantabulous
Just like Janet & Russ described.
Jack, you outdid yourself with this beautiful art work. Thank you so much
for making the raffle spectacular.
Lolly - thanks for bringing Jack into our fold! Love ♥

wvgal_dana said...

Paula how you placed the beautiful eagle Jack made for the picture is just absolutely gorgeous. The eagle itself is beautiful and the wood colorings are exquisite. This eagle went to the perfect person.

Jack your hands are a working craft from God. Lolly thank you for helping to pack it safely and to let it travel during your 2010 journey.

hedgie said...

Totally amazing work of art.....and to think that our Eagleholic won it! How cool is that?? The Tail of the Travelling about a round-about migration!!!! Congrats, Paula, and thank you Jack and Lolly!!