Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A confusing the first video, Belle clearly kicks butt...and the intruder leaves

But around 11:30, both Belle and the intruder arrive in the nest...lots of cheeping, staring, and moving of stuff. The intruder finally leaves and Belle spends the night in the nest.

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movin said...

Hi, Paula. I come over to your blog looking for the video of yesterdays whipping of the intruder by Belle...

I found the nighttime videos where in you can clearly see the brown markings on the male's head, so I have to agree it was Lib who was replaced.

Damn! I hate to see either one of that pair gone, they have been the best. I hope Lib can mate somewhere else, or maybe make a comeback like K-01 at the WE nest.

C(°ٿ°)D Jim